Dilly Dally

Sore // Buzz

If your my age you know exactly where you were and what you were doing back in 94 upon hearing the news of Kurt Cobain’s death. I’m not sure what Dilly Dally’s front-woman Katie Monks was up to, but I’d be willing to bet she has no memory of the event. 
A new generation is starting to discover bands like Nirvana on their own terms and the results of their influences are becoming quite apparent. In regards to Dilly Dally, I hear Kurt’s vocal delivery in every song. Monks sings with the same lazy growl that Kurt perfected. She takes this style of vocal delivery and writes songs with poignant material in regards to being a woman. The music, much like Nirvana, has incredible melodies that are not hidden by the guitar distortion. This album is a new form of grunge music that is every bit as impressive as the albums that were coming out in the 90’s.