-ing // Independent

Fitnesses debut album, “-ing” (pronounced dashing) is a wild ride that sucks you in immediately and threatens to never let go. This Edmonton band falls somewhere in the realm of art-pop and post-punk. Although only a three piece, they manage to pull off a big sound by employing challenging rhythms and uptempo, addictive hooks. Lyrically, the album offers musings on the human form and psyche. Imagery of body parts and their usage are peppered through songs that range in topics from anxiety to compassion. On the album opener, frontman Keanan Swan-Azmon sings about how fragile we are both mentally and physically.

“Handle with caution, we are china. Do not touch, we are so fragile”

It’s a beautiful observation that sets the theme for an album that immediately grabs your attention through impeccable song craft and keeps you engrossed with thoughtful lyrics.