Shred Kelly


Archipelago // Devil Duck

Shred Kelly approached their fourth release, Archipelago, a little differently. They meticoulously combed over their recordings, adding, subtracting, or completely changing things over nearly a year. They also enlisted two top notch producers in Howard Redekopp (The New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara) and Josh Rob Gwilliam (Cowpuncher, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald). Having these heavyweights on board really helped to enhance the production value from past releases. Doing this can sometimes eliminate the charm found on previous albums, but this is not the case for Shred Kelly. This Fernie, BC band was meant for high end production and their alt-pop jams sound better than ever. Tim Newton and Sage McBride’s voices soar over expertly crafted songs that include guitar hooks, banjos, synthesizers and gorgeous harmonies. An ability to write tracks that explode into sweeping crescendos while maintaining their fun-filled pop sensibilities is a gift that Shred Kelly hold over the heads of their contemporaries.