Jonathan Kawchuk


North // Paper Bag

Jonathan Kawchuk is primarily known as a sound technician, film score composer and sound designer. His resume includes working on Ben Frost & Nico Muhly albums and being an assistant sound tech for the Philip Glass Ensemble. With such heady experience, it could be safe to say that expectations were high for his debut album, North. Kawchuk doesn’t disappoint as he uses the tools in his toolbelt to craft an impeccable album inspired by nature. With piano as the backbone, he composes soothing music that whisks the listener into his tranquil world. Strings and electronic drones accompany the piano throughout most of the songs with some rare percussion to amplify the mood and even incomprehensible whispers on the final track, “Lagos.” Taking the nature theme to the next level, North was played back and re-recorded in a Norwegian forest to capture the ambient resonance of the wilderness for which Kawchuk drew his inspiration. The result is an expertly crafted piece that transports you into his world of leaf less trees, rustling in the wind of a snowy dream world.