Squids // Independent

Squids is an Edmonton four piece that is hard to pin down. They exist in a realm of odd time signatures, reverb and electronic experimentation. Their debut EP pulls influences from all over the map, but is rooted in psych and neo-soul. Impeccable percussion is the backbone for a myriad of instruments like piano, guitar and saxophone, but it’s the endless electronic tinkering that adds the intrigue. Each song is blasted with other worldly synths and sound modulation that propels these six tracks into a strange new territory. “Solo Carby” opens with a sound that is immediately reminiscent of Animal Collective, but quickly veers into psychedelic territory that harkens back to early Pink Floyd. “Camera Song” has a neo-soul vibe with rich experimentation that enhances rather than detracts from the songs allure. Squids self tilted debut is an impressive introduction. It’s weird and beautiful at the same time, making this band one to keep on your radar.