Nap Eyes


I’m Bad Now // You’ve Changed

Nap Eyes continue to grow on I’m Bad Now, which is being branded as the third chapter of a trilogy. This one is unlike any trilogy known to man because they saved their best work for last. The melodies are catchier, the flourishes are sharper and the lyrical content continues to be eloquent, thoughtful and poignant. This Halifax band exudes confidence by knowing how to write around the brilliant lyrics and deadpan delivery of frontman Nigel Chapman. Nap Eyes are aware of the gift their lyricist possesses and they arrange songs to highlight his genius. The quartet’s previous record, Thought Rock Fish Scale, saw Chapman finding clarity and self awareness while I’m Bad Now is what you get after coming to terms with yourself. Although there are still underlying themes of uncertainty and unease, the general mood of the record is positive. On the opener, Chapman swoons “I’ve figured out a way to get on with my life and to keep on dreaming” while the title track showcases a man with the confidence to walk away from those unwilling to open themselves up to different ideas. That being said, Chapman is an expert at leaving his songs ambiguous so perhaps one’s personal state of mind accounts for the interpretations drawn. Either way, Nap Eyes continue to gift us albums that are a pleasure to get lost within and dissect as if a term paper were being written on their essence.