The Avulsions


Expanding Program // Flemish Eye

The Avulsions have been impressing audiences in Western Canada for a couple years. Even without a proper release, bone chilling live shows have kept them on the top of everyone's must-see list. A growing reputation has made their debut one of the most anticipated Canadian albums for over a year and finally the wait is over! Expanding Program is everything we could have wanted from this Saskatoon band. Their unique gothic brand of post-punk fits the apocalyptic theme of the album perfectly. Guitar pierces your soul as nightmarish synths linger over a macabre, slow percussion. One of the album’s best flourishes is the industrial sounds created to help paint a picture of a world gone awry. When a release is so hyped it can be difficult to live up to expectations but The Avulsions have shown us that sometimes the hype can be met… even surpassed.