Sacrificed You // Independent

Alan Wilson’s third release as Bothy is reminiscent of a Sunday drive down a coastal highway at dusk. It paints a picture of cruising in a convertible below the speed limit without a care in the world, no agenda, no commitments just a calm and collected vibe. The chilled out downtempo songs of Sacrificed You offer a laissez-faire atmosphere that gets your head bobbing just the right amount to feel the music. The beats are smooth and seamless with a repetitious nature which gives Wilson room to add texture through a variety of synthetic instruments and sounds. “I’m Not Steady” builds with funky percussion and hip hop flourishes until halfway through, jazz inspired piano veers the song into brand new territory. “1993” is completely different as a woodwind plug-in sings over a steady drone, it’s a slow transition that gives way to the gorgeous “Smoke Break” which employs synthesized xylophones to be the star. Call it downtempo or chill beat, Sacrificed You is an album that is expertly crafted to make even the harshest critic of computer generated music come around.