Kristian North


The Last Rock N Roll Record // Independent

Best known as the frontman for the greasy proto-punk band Babysitter, Kristian North’s debut solo record veers towards a cleaner sound drawing influences from classic rock & roll. It’s a genuinely fun listen as songs spark memories of the classics your Dad was blasting in your youth. In some cases you’ll think you’ve nailed down the track from which North drew his inspiration but investigation will prove you wrong. The Last Rock N Roll Record does an incredible job of honouring multiple rock movements and sounding relevant today. “Politics In Love” has a bouncy 80’s rock vibe that would fit right into your favourite childhood soundtrack. The next track “Waiting” is an urgent, marching rocker that surges right into another sharp turn as the weirdo “Taste In The Mouth” reminds us that North is best known as a member of Babysitter. For all the twists and turns on this album, none is better than the Seger-esque track “Truth Between The Eyes” as North’s guttural voice soars over synths, piano and acoustic guitar. The gift Kristian North delivers on The Last Rock N Roll Record is the ability to trigger a lost memory of a feeling you got from rock n roll once upon a time... and the memory is warm.