Michael Rault


It’s A New Day Tonight // Wick

Just in time for road trip season, Michael Rault returns with another handful of great summer psych-pop tunes. Proving his Canadian blood by naming the new record after a phrase heard in a pregame hockey interview, It’s A New Day Tonight was written at a time when Rault was harbouring personal dissatisfaction with his creativity. The album was co-produced by Wayne Gordon after the two kept ending up at the same places at the same times and was recorded live-to-tape at the famed Daptone House of Soul in Brooklyn, NY. After the work was done, Gordon convinced Rault to join Wick Records (the rock label offshoot of Daptone Records) and just like that, Michael Rault became the first Canadian on the Daptone roster. The album still showcases Rault’s retro sound, but with an added pedigree that only comes through the endless touring that hones one’s craft. He’s moved away from his fuzzy garage rock beginnings to a cleaner psych-pop sound that suits him. Themes of dreaming and sub-conscience tie the ten tracks together lyrically while Rault’s impressive guitar work stands out sonically. It’s A New Day Tonight is a record from an artist refining his sound and starting to truly understand his capabilities. His musical growth between albums makes this reviewer rabid for his next offering.