Jo Passed


Their Prime // Sub Pop

The debut album from Jo Passed is inspired by Vancouver. The city that principal songwriter Jo Hirabayashi grew up in and returned to a of couple years ago is perhaps the strangest and hardest city in the country to understand. Nestled on stolen land that is being sold off to the super rich, it’s a city in which music venues barely exist due to insane rents. Vancouver is a beautifully clean city that houses a seedy underworld of heroin dens and flop houses. The endless juxtapositions and confusions of Vancouver are all over Their Prime, not just lyrically but sonically. Songs move from melodic dreamy soundscapes to harsh outbursts of noise and perfect pop hooks are overtaken by strange timing and abrasive guitar blasts. No song showcases this musical concept better than “Repair”, which opens with weaving guitars and harmonies pulling you along in a pleasant way before giving a tiny hint of vicious feedback that quickly disappears. You’ll think nothing of it until the song explodes into a wave of squealing noise and crunchy guitar that carries the track to its uneasy conclusion. Their Prime is an impeccably crafted album where every listen opens new doors and ideas. It’s no surprise that Sub Pop came calling and it’s safe to say Jo Passed have become one of the most exciting bands on their roster.