Michael Feuerstack


Natural Weather // Forward Music Group

Michael Feuerstack has the power to highjack short attention spans from the hustle of modern life to force an immersive listening experience. Partly the gentle vocal deliver and partly the clever lyrical prowess, he is able to get the full attention of an audience. A longtime veteran of the Canadian music scene, he started making albums under the Snailhouse moniker in 1994 but chose to move to his given name in 2013. Although widely known and championed by the biggest musical stars this country has to offer, he is still grossly underrated and under appreciated. Feuerstack’s latest outing triumphs lyrically as he muses over serious topics such as love, death, mental illness, intimacy, and ambition in a subtle way. He makes those heady themes relatable by using everyday mundane details or objects.

“A candle makes no sound, quiet in its power, strong enough to light the way. All the while, death is just a breath away.”

Although his ability as a lyricist is extraordinary, beautifully arranged instrumentation helps accentuate the power of his words. Showcasing his abilities once more on Natural Weather, Michael Feuerstack remains one of Canada’s best singer/songwriters by being equally adept as both poet and musician.