Real Sickies


Get Well Soon // This Is Pop Records

Remember when Rock n’ Roll forced teens to lose all inhibitions? You’d see the dance floor light up with people moving their hips, shaking their asses and jumping around as if an unseen force had overtaken them. Before iPhones, 4K TV and the internet, folks would go out and get their stimulation in the real world… sometimes this included live music. When it came to having fun, it was Rock n’ Roll all the way! The Real Sickies embody those perfect days of the past. Their long awaited debut LP is heavily influenced by the sounds of 60’s pop and 70’s punk. Sing-along choruses, peppy guitar solos, handclaps and fast paced drums make Get Well Soon the album you want to hear when your spirit needs lifted, when you’re road tripping, working out or any scenario that calls for a dance party. Take inspiration from the track “Cool Club” and lose your shit... Dance like a fool and don’t give a damn if it makes you look goofy or uncool because you’ll fit right in with frontman Ben Disaster as he sings, “I know I’m in nobody’s cool club.”