Seeing Green // Mint

Dumb burst onto the Vancouver music scene with an impressive live show that showcased their post-punk prowess. They quickly released two albums and one EP (all in 2016) that were fun, raw and infectious. Such a crazy output typically doesn’t work to a band’s advantage, but in Dumb’s case… It wasn’t enough! They seemed to be leaving a lasting mark on anyone that heard them and the buzz quickly grew. Enter Mint records, one of Canada’s premier indie labels who have been doing an incredible job of releasing top tier acts of which Dumb falls squarely into. Seeing Green is their first release through this iconic Vancouver label and it doesn’t disappoint. Sharp guitar slashes permeate over a punchy rhythm section, while frontman Franco Rossino offers up lyrics that follow a young character navigating the capitalistic world in which he lives. The word green is used in multiple ways. Rossino labels his character green in the sense that he’s a rookie in this world but it’s also used to reference money, envy and growth. The wordplay is smart as Rossino works to associate the lyrics with ideas we have but try to hide. Seeing Green is a confident album from a band that’s no longer green in the inexperienced sense. Dumb are a band that have grown in leaps and bounds and will surely make their peers green with envy.

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