Max Uhlich

Songs From A Jug // Mangled Tapes

Max Uhlich has been quietly turning heads in the city of Edmonton for a few years and his new album, Songs From A Jug, will go down as one of the best albums produced in his hometown. He plays an ominous brand of folk music highlighted by his impeccable whistling and unsettling, reverbed vocals. Acoustic guitar is the principal instrument, but drums, bass, and keyboard add a depth that was lacking from past efforts. The keyboard is especially effective as it employs eerie sounds on a few tracks like the strange grumbling noises on “Steady Tightening”. This new fuller sound triumphs, although Uhlich’s voice still steals the show as he delivers pure emotion through his odd delivery that sounds like a cross between Neil Young and Colin Huebert (Siskiyou). Lyrically the songs leave themselves open to interpretation, but a disconcerting vibe permeates over every track and hints at themes of depression and inner turmoil. He ties the songs together with imagery of weather, the evening sky, and natural landscapes. Songs from a Jug is like the most addictive opiate, from the first try you’re hooked. However, you can safely and happily go back to it over and over and over.