Beach Body

beach body cover art.jpg

Curb Ciggiez EP // Grind Central Records

What happens as we get old? Some people get married and have kids, some make career their main focus, and others never really change as all their friends grow up around them. No matter where you end up, chances are that you look back at your formative years with fondness but Regina’s Beach Body are quick to second guess those memories. On their second EP in as many years, they explore themes of lost youth and unhealthy nostalgia as they question whether living in the past makes us forget to enjoy the present. Musically, the Curb Ciggiez EP picks up where the Plain Life EP left off. Incredible alt-pop music that immediately makes you think of the beach or hot summer days with melodies so catchy they burrow into your brain and take hold for days. Memorable pop tunes aren’t known for their lyrics but Beach Body smashes this notion once more by offering insightful musings. In a very short time, Beach Body have given us two insanely good EPs, begging the question, is this the best new band in Canada? I’ll toss my vote in.