Couple’s Fight Night // Double Lunch Records

Couple’s Fight Night from Edmonton’s Lovelet is a gorgeous downtempo pop statement. The album takes its time, keeping a mellow vibe from start to finish. Guitars make up the bulk of the sonic palate with both acoustic and electric being used together in perfect unison. Tracks can have a vicious feedback layered into subtle strumming that is best appreciated with headphones, as effort was made to ensure the noise underpowered the other sounds. The best example is found on the title track which gently builds into a frenzy without ever sounding abrasive. The patient tone of the album comes through in the vocals with words being sung and stretched out, sometimes over multiple bars. Frontman Tim Biziaev sings in a near whisper at times requiring the listener to pay attention. A truly impressive debut, Couple’s Fight Night hits the mark on all levels and demands an attentive listen so one doesn’t miss the gorgeous layers to these eight tracks.