Camaro 67


Still Burning // Independent

Vancouver’s Camaro 67 are primed and ready to put down tread marks and blow away the competition. This ten-piece, monster of a band, blends classic Afrobeat and modern Afrofunk into a flurry that exists for the dance floor. The ten songs that comprise their sophomore album showcase impressive chops as each player has moments to go on tangents. The horns and keys soar especially high throughout the record with epic solos being laid down over the neverending, head-bobbing groove (just try to stop your head… it’s impossible). An incredible thing about the album is that the individual forays never come off as self indulgent which is a testament to the rhythm section. A nice treat is showcased late in the record on the title track as the vocal silence is broken and we get a solid verse from Vancouver lyricist Ndidi Cascade. The addition of a hip-hop element is a great move and offers a breath of fresh air within the 50 minute ride of instrumentals. DJ’s take note, if your ever losing you’re crowd keep a copy of Still Burning in your toolbox as a secret weapon because once you hit play… asses will be shaking.

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