Baby Jey


Someday Cowboy // Maintenance Records

Baby Jey’s sophomore album Someday Cowboy is a big leap forward for the former Edmonton duo of Jeremy Witten and Dean Kheroufi. The nine songs delivered on this outing work together to make a cohesive listen which was lacking on their debut. The record is best described as retro soft-rock with country flourishes. It sounds nostalgic, yet completely unique and conjures up dream sequences of love, heartbreak and childhood innocence. Some of the lyrics have an intentionally corny vibe which doesn’t hinder their charm and is actually vital to the album’s retro perfection. The tracks feature a unique blend of piano, synths, lap steel and even mandolin over a vibrant rhythm section. The instruments play off each other with ease and confidence, while Witten’s unique voice captivates the listener’s attention. These attributes and sonic familiarity work together to make Someday Cowboy an instant classic. After hearing this album, it’s safe to say Witten and Kheroufi have avoided the sophomore slump by creating the best music of their careers.

- Jeff MacCallum

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