Complexion // Self Sabotage Records

noise /noiz/ noun

  1. a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance

Winnipeg has a tradition with this word, the city basically wrote the book on noise-rock in Canda. There is something pulsing through the veins of its music scene that makes it normal to try blowing out speakers and eardrums. The definition above might lead people to believe noise-rock shouldn’t be made, but turning abrasive sounds into music that speaks to people is a gift. There are very few bands that understand feedback and dissonance on the level of Tunic. After releasing a handful of singles, EPs and splits and touring relentlessly over the past five years, we finally get their debut album called Complexion which clocks in at only 22 minutes. That may seem short but it’s the perfect length. Within that short burst they take you on a hell-ride of frenetic pulsing rhythms and ear piercing weaponized guitar. Imagine a bad acid trip was recorded then played back in fast forward. Making the album all the more impeccable is that Tunic is far from one-note, each song differs from its predecessor and the interlude tracks “Sand” and “Paper” give the listener a chance to breath before the madness returns. Complexion is as near to perfect a noise-rock album could ever be; it solidifies Tunic as the best Canadian band within their genre.  

- Jeff MacCallum