The Cosmic Range


The Gratitude Principle // Idée Fixe Records

The new record The Gratitude Principle, from Toronto group The Cosmic Range, is a balancing act between contemporary jazz, 70’s psych-rock, and ambient electronica that succeeds in creating an ambitious and highly listenable follow-up to their 2016 album New Latitudes. Led by multi-instrumentalist Mathew “Doc” Dunn, The Cosmic Range is made-up of 8 members with a diversity in backgrounds that is staggering, and this diversity absolutely comes out in the music. The six songs on this release alternate between standard (ish) jazz frameworks (such as on the title track), to the more loose and ethereal “Eyes for Rivers” and “Rivers for Eyes”. “Breathing Water”, a personal favourite, is a showcase for the wonderful arranging work throughout this record: sparse percussion, woodwinds, organ, and vibraphone create a hypnotic and beautiful drone that is soundtrack-like in it’s ability to bring the audience to a specific time and place. The Gratitude Principle is a release that invites you to sit and soak in it’s textures and sounds, and has a sonic depth and density that will reward repeat listens.

- Sean Newton