NOVEL // Flemish Eye

N0V3L released their debut album on Flemish Eye Records earlier this month. This Vancouver based, DIY collective are not just another jagged post-punk band, the musical textures they create are innovative. They hit a great balance of angular off kilter hooks and progressions, but really root everything in solid melodies. The dual vocal delivery is a refreshing take and gives a strong punch to the songs (all eight of which are bangers!) The Talking Heads-style new wave influences are apparent and make you want to bust out some David Byrne-esque dance moves at one of their shows. Currently on tour, with lots of UK dates, it’s no surprise they have a popular following where punk subculture has always been deeply rooted in working-class politics and resistance to “normie” culture. N0V3L’s anti-capitalist lyrics and call-to-arms for reflection on our changing society make this album all the more genuine and their video for “Whom it May Concern” reflects their ability to blend their music with compelling visual art. This album speaks for itself and doesn’t need to rely on strategic marketing, but they’ve branded themselves so brilliantly that it reminds one of the same impact The White Stripes had when they came onto the scene by utilizing a color scheme (red, white, and black) as part of their image. However, N0V3L aims to promote an identify based on DIY ethic, resistance to power, and community collaboration.

- Nicola Gunter