Melted Mirror


Past Life // Independent

Melted Mirror’s Past Life has its stylistic origins in post-punk, but emerges as more of an electro-goth work of art. This Calgary trio has managed to create a soundscape that could be equally enjoyed on an introspective, midnight highway cruise or compel your extroverted side onto the dance floor. Characterized by resounding vocals and an overall textured and rich sonic experience; Past Life casts a self-reflective shadow with song structure that has a robust understanding of how to build climax, within each track, and as an artistic whole. Primarily echoing dark wave revival, Melted Mirror is reminiscent of Cold Cave, Soft Kill, and Drab Majesty, but with a less despairing- sound. The vocal phrasing, tone and delivery is unique and sets Melted Mirror apart from their contemporaries. The album closes with the powerful track, “Seed of Doubt” which ends leaving you wanting more. There is no doubt that Past Life proves Melted Mirror are more than just an omnipresent synthwave band.

- Nicola Gunter