Yves Jarvis


The Same But By Different Means // Flemish Eye

The Same But By Different Means it the first album released by Montreal based lo-fi architect Jean-Sebatian Audet under his new moniker as Yves Jarvis (he’s previously released work under the name Un Blonde). It’s a deeply impressionistic record, featuring loose, dreamy, deconstructions of the last 50 years of popular music, interspersed with drones and experiments that transition between the more conventional pieces. Comparisons to Sufjan Stevens or Mount Eerie are invevitable; Audet’s vocal performances have a lot in common with the delicate and breathy delivery of both artists, and the way the track listing alternates between full tracks and interludes is reminiscent of Illinois. Some songs (like the opener) touch on ideas that hew closer to riffs on R&B and soul music, while “Out of the Blue, Into Both Hands” sounds like it’s coming from more of a country/western place. The excitement comes in Yves Jarvis’ ability to manipulate the conventions of these genres and reassemble them in ways that are surprising yet consistent enough to make the music really take off.

- Sean Newton