Salt // Independent

Blessed are an experimental post-punk quintet hailing from the Fraser Valley, BC. After two successful EP releases, Blessed have dropped their highly-anticipated debut full-length. Salt serves as a creative reminder that their genre can continue to take on new directions.

Canadian post-punk has had a certain standard to be reached ever since the contribution of the prolific Calgary band, Women. Many outfits have been influenced by Women and seek to attain the same level of recognition. Blessed bring a fresh yet residually dark and experimental approach to the genre; one that is deserving of recognition. Focusing less on extensive angular and jagged repetitions and instead taking an approach that incorporates more krautrock and math rock elements, without being self indulgent. Vocal style is less dead pan and more Joe Casey from Protomartyr, caught between speech and song. Salt incorporates the same quintessential post-punk elements of wiry, layered guitars, dissonance, reverb, and bass-driven melodies; but with a refreshing twist.

What is most interesting about Blessed, is their creative development and perseverance in an area where conservatism is the cultural norm. With the release of their debut, they demonstrate the ability to hone their craft with a focus on greater construction within their songs. Currently on a massive North American tour, Blessed represent DIY ethic and tenacious dedication to touring. Their single “Disease” is highly contagious and Salt overall exemplifies how sophisticated and textured an album can be.

- Nicola Gunter