Second Nature // So Sorry Records

Saxsyndrum’s latest release, Second Nature, creates a tapestry of explorative soundscapes able to deliver on memorable and driving hooks when needed. The album interplays layered vocals and melodies with a backdrop of lush synthesizers and ethereal samples. Together they illustrate an out-of-body, meditative experience with enough production techniques to keep the listener’s sense fully stimulated.

The first track, “Up to You”, immediately introduces a universe of dreamy, spacey sounds augmented by a classic, funk-influenced Saxophone line straight out of the Electro-House songbook. AP Bergeron’s catchy, far-reaching vocals lead the charge between musical passages as instrumentalists Dave Switchenko and Nick Schofield intertwine Saxophones and Synthesizers in a forward-moving evolving rhythm. The opener’s progression builds up a vibrant energy that sets the stage for the rest of the album.

“Let Go”, a personal favourite, builds a solid foundation using analog drum-machines and retro synth lines, then slowly peels back into a mind-bending meditation, punctuated by a chorus you will be singing for days. Every track expands and flows into each other producing a natural pacing that allows the listener to get lost in a transcendental and thought provoking environment. On Second Nature, Saxsyndrum reach into the vast resources of sound design and pull back a psycho-acoustic experience that tricks your perception of music.

- Declan Paxton