The Shiverettes


Real Shrill Bitches // Independent

Calgary four-piece, The Shiverettes continue to epitomize what modern punk-rock ethos should be. They are here to remind us of a fundamental feminist truth: the personal is political. The anthemic dimension to their music is empowering as they speak out about sexual assault, abortion, toxic masculinity, and smashing the patriarchy. Where, historically, punk has focused on working-class struggles, The Shiverettes are focusing on the importance of femme representation, body autonomy and call-out culture in art. In true Shiverettes form, Real Shrill Bitches continues to display driving, reverb-soaked punk (with a bit of sludgy, grunge elements) and Hayley Muir’s distinctive raspy growl, embodied in bold lyrics like “nobody likes a rape joke and nobody likes you” (from the track “Very Cool Dude”).

The Shiverettes fierce sardonic attitude, backed by proficient musicianship and sophisticated, thematic material is the logical progression for punk music. This latest release shines a spotlight on how feminism in music has grown and demands intersectionality. It continues building on the foundation established by the riot grrrl movement in the early ‘90s. Real Shrill Bitches, sonically and lyrically, is cathartic and raw, an honest call to witness of our socio-political climate and urgent need for change.

- Nicola Gunter