At Mission Dolores


Last Night Outside Her Apartment // Factotum Cassettes and Oddities   

Last Night Outside Her Apartment is the second of two full length releases in 2019 by At Mission Dolores; a band that has spearheaded the now flourishing Kamloops music scene. While the preceding album, Cool World was recorded over a series of sessions at a handful of studios, Last Night Outside Her Apartment was recorded live off the floor in a week at Noise Floor Recording Studio. Jordan Koop (The Courtneys, Wolf Parade), the albums sound engineer has a real knack for capturing a band’s performance live in his studio and the chemistry comes through in spades. 

This latest album sees the band seeking to express the experience of a series of characters from a broad cross-section of humanity. The album chronicles their struggles trying to make it through life in a world where the people around them have tunnel vision. Lyrically, the record is an experiment in empathy. At Mission Dolores interpret these complex human realities sonically by maintaining an overarching cloud of melancholy with a blend of indie rock, psych, and folk sensibilities. They use the array of instruments and vocalists at their disposal to their full potential. They know when to build or back off, creating the perfect dynamics to suit the particular mood needed to bring each character to life in the music. This approach to the writing gives the songs weight that allows them to wash over you as you soak it all in and ask the question that everyone is asking… “Is there something real for me?” 

- Jeshaiah David