Counterfeit Jeans


Good Morning // Kingfisher Bluez

To simply call Counterfeit Jeans an indie rock band does not do them justice. Their amalgamation of fuzzy yet staccato guitar, driving pop punk rhythms with emo style sprinklings heightened by mid-90’s spaciness make it hard to stick these Edmontonians into any one genre. They are reminiscent of bands such as Interpol, Hum, Prawn and Built to Spill, but always maintain a “catchy punk” vibe.

It’s interesting that they have titled their sophomore LP Good Morning. Their album structure has the same elements that one could argue constitutes a good morning; waking from a surrealistic dream, a slow-paced start followed with that punch of feeling renewed and a sense of urgency to take on the world. If anything, it is the sure-fire sonic assault you need to ensure you start your morning off right, building momentum as you go about your day.

It’s hard to choose one favourite song off this album. The track “Good Morning” induces a sense of pressing surrealism whereas “Medicated” is heavier, but with a cautious poppy optimism. “Self Doubt” is the anthem for anyone crunching through the snow desperately waiting for better weather. “Inverted Head” is meandering and dissonant. Eventually we end up at “Roots”, a cacophony of strings, guitar, driving bass and high hat. The album ends with “Memory”, an emo-waltz, reminding you why CBC Music once called them one of Edmonton’s hidden gems.

- Nicola Gunter