Touch & The Dirty Sample/Deliluh

Touch & The Dirty Sample


Jawz // Hand’Solo Records

Jawz is the latest album released by the collaborating duo of MC Touch, from Edmonton and Calgary rapper/producer, The Dirty Sample. This is the third album by the pair of Alberta hip-hop legends, released on Hand’Solo Records out of Toronto on April 26th, 2019. 

This concept album plays heavily on the metaphor of sharks in the water and has an old school feel with tracks that flow like the ocean currents. The beats come from the depths, instilling fear with a plethora of samples from years of shark attacks in cinema.

Touch & The Dirty Sample set out to nibble away and devour the establishment of “legal” organized crime. Each line is a bite out of the wall of the defences that the rich and powerful have set up to allow them to take advantage of the masses. Not only do they aim to expose the ruling class, but they call on the rest of us to end our silence and tolerance of injustice. It’s time to end the division that has been used to make us weaker, or be eaten in the process.

- Jeshaiah David



Oath Of Intent // Telephone Explosion

Toronto based art-rock outfit Deliluh's second album Oath of Intent is a bold, albeit brief journey through a looking glass filled with angular guitars and hypnotic tides of noise. The opening (and title) track is a four and a half minute Hans Zimmer-esque drone piece that slowly builds in intensity before giving way to the hookier "Freeloader Feast". These shifts in tone are part of what makes this record so interesting; each track occupies it's own space on the release, though "Freeloader Feast" and "Rabbit" stand out as the most pop-based compositions. "Factory Line" pairs a ticking muted guitar and a deeply dispirited sounding vocal performance to illustrate and critique the factory lifestyle. "Salford" is an 8 minute long piece that slowly builds over a pulsing bass and drum groove, before completely falling apart into noise and chaos. It serves as an effective climax to an LP that shows some patience and consideration towards how each song repeats, develops, and blooms.

- Sean Newton