Arson Cult/Earl Donald/Twig/Danielle Knibbe

Arson Cult - Lay Waste To Past Erections

This gritty post-hardcore mini album by Saskatoon’s Arson Cult packs a lot of punch. The trio dials in the controlled chaos of a calculated rhythm section with mathematic fuzz and gravelly melodies from the heart.

Earl Donald - Where You Know Yourself

Dissonant and detuning digital waves seem to mimic the disorienting confusion of self exploration while the steady driving beat of a structured society marches on all around you, inevitably sucking you in.    .

Twig - Self Titled

The self titled EP of tailgate tunes by Twig takes a touch of twang and indie rock riffing and turns up the fun. Besides, you can’t go wrong with band that has a thing for Saskatoon berries.

Danielle Knibbe -  Infatuation

With an honesty that doesn’t seem to exist in a lot of modern country music, Danielle Knibbe brings you the country feel with these two down to earth tracks off of her upcoming full length album.  

- Jeshaiah David