Shad/The Eclipse/Code Pie/Man Meat

Shad: A Short Story About A War

Shad bursts back onto the scene with a heavy hitter that lyrically, deals with despair and hope, division and unity, anger and logic. Delivered in a stream of consciousness style the album flows freely from fist pumpers to heartfelt singalongs. 

The Eclipse: I Want Less

Edmonton, Alberta indie poppers The Eclipse, successfully give you a light and frothy feeling with their new EP “I Want Less”. The smooth vocals and dreamy arrangements with the spacey vibes of your favourite holodeck program will leave you wanting more.

Code Pie: London

Code Pie starts out their EP with an upbeat track that is in a way the send off party for what is to be a beautiful journey. Multi-instrumentalism, effects laden guitars and subtle vocal harmonies gently take you deeper into the fog of London.  

Man Meat: Sick

This new track from Saskatoon’s Man Meat is a progression in the melodic onslaught for which the band has become known.  The bombastic, tom heavy sounds of eighties new-wave punk combined with a solid dose of post-hardcore results in an anthem that is a real Dirt Fight.

- Jeshaiah David