National Hotel/Ghost Cartridge/Tallies/Germany Germany

National Hotel - Self Titled

The debut EP (released today) by Edmonton’s National Hotel is here to please! It’s a four headed rock and roll monster that’s not scared to have a little fun by creating classic psych vibes. Surfy riffs and swirling synths flow into free flying guitar solos and ease into a groove with total swagger. 

Ghost Cartridge - Episode 1

The first episode of hopefully many to come harnesses the eight-bit sound effects from your favourite retro consoles and combines them with solid beats and a couple freestyle rap champs from Calgary to make a hip hop EP that is hauntingly nostalgic, yet refreshing.

Tallies - Self Titled

Shimmering clean guitars and dreamy vocals weave melancholic melodies while poppy drums keep everything feeling light and free to move. So grab your dancing shoes and get carried away on the joyous bass lines of Tallies debut self-titled album.

Germany Germany - Aimless

Instrumental electronic music that lies between down-tempo and danceable. Layers of sounds move the vibes from bedroom pop to shoegaze while still keeping one foot firmly planted in electro territory. Should have been on our best EPs of 2018 list… sadly we discovered it too late.

- Jeshaiah David

(Except Germany Germany which was by Jeff MacCallum)