cmfrtble./The Dog Indiana/Only A Visitor/i.o

cmfrtble. - Self Titled

Who says you can’t make music with someone while living on opposite ends of our massive country? From the comfort of their homes in Victoria and Montreal comes a melancholic dream pop album that will have you sinking into your favourite seat at home.

The Dog Indiana - Fractured, Murky and Liquid

Step onto the merry-go-round for a wild ride with The Dog Indiana and hold on tight! Starting out slowly and gaining speed, the swirling psychedelic grunge sounds of this album will have you climbing back on for more after the centrifugal force throws you off again and again.

Only A Visitor - “Ghosts”

The latest single from Vancouver’s Only A Visitor is like stepping into a garden of overwhelming beauty. Delicate arrangements of rich analog keys and sparse percussion leave lots of room for angelic harmonies that give the listener a sense of wonderment.

i.o - Akrasia (Aswad Bryant & i.o) 

Think nails on a chalkboard and not just one screech but the never-ending scratching of calculations that are beyond your comprehension. Much like with most master mathematicians, all you can do is stand back in awe while they make sense of the madness! 

- Jeshaiah David