Bob Sumner/Andrew Judah/Porteau/Ponteix

Bob Sumner - “Riverbed”

Riverbed is the first single off of Bob Sumner’s debut album and it shows off his songwriting prowess with a sad and reflective nature. Destined to become an instant folk classic, the warm tones and swells of strings will sweep you off your feet. 

Andrew Judah - “Best in Show”

The new single and music video from Kelowna’s Andrew Judah has a darker tone than his previous body of work, taking a critical look inside while retaining an infectious inflection that sets feet to dancing. 

Porteau - “River Song”

With an album on the horizon, Porteau is beckoning you to join them on their journey. The single, and accompanying music video, paint scenes of vast beauty carried by a strong yet graceful voice that is backed by a light and airy composition.

Ponteix - “Faux Pas”

Intricately carving a path to the heart, then pumping a melody that pulses through the veins that delivers a feeling of whimsical bliss.  Faux Pas is the catchy new single paving the way for the upcoming record and it comes with a music video that is equally fantastical. So brush up on your French and check it out!

- Jeshaiah David