Marissa Burwell/Burden/Teen Daze/Sate

Marissa Burwell - Marissa Burwell EP

Breaking out with her first release in a bustling Regina music scene and standing out from the pack. Marissa Burwell shows that she’s got what it takes with songwriting skills that put her somewhere between Dallas Green and Sarah McLachlan, full of feels and bursting with sadness. 

Burden - Let Vibrate

Released on Edmonton’s prolific Pseudo Laboratories comes 20 minutes of music that lives up to it’s title perfectly.  Let Vibrate uses never ending sustain to hold the listener captive in a state of meditation and relaxation, driving deeper with flourishes of droning feedback and tasteful fret buzz. 

Teen Daze - Bioluminescence

Here is a two song sneak-peak from an April release that’s worth your attention.  Teen Daze has been an electronic music releasing machine since 2010 and this preview of the upcoming album is no exception.  It has warm earthy tones with a beat that will cause you to get lost in the movement. 

Sate - “Dirty Little Lie”

Rock and Roll has had many so called heroes over the past few years rescuing it from the proverbial brink.  Sate is the real thing, pushing the limits of a sometimes stale genre and reviving the “bad-ass” with her undeniable attitude that comes through in spades while the band crafts a thick and heavy groove.

- Jeshaiah David