Private Investigators/Mike Morriseau/Alien Boys/Trout

Private Investigators - The Uncanny Valley

This electronic art piece puts the listener right in the middle of an apocalyptic future where the robots have taken over. The sonar landscape makes it easy to imagine yourself in a dark, big city, back alley being robbed by A.I. for your spare parts which are now currency.

Mike Morriseau - Wintersleep

Encapsulating an expansive sound in a jazz album that almost has a light progressive metal feel. Morriseau’s guitar playing is heavy with sophistication and character but sits in the pocket at times to allow the rest of the band to shine as well for a real complete experience.

Alien Boys - Night Danger

Alien Boys combine three of the most important elements to create an impactful punk record. They play blisteringly fast, deafeningly loud and they don’t shy away from expressing their disgust for a system that is leaving societies vulnerable in the dust. 

Trout - Figures

The latest release from Windsor, Ontario’s Trout has uplifting bluesy riffs that step back and forth, sending the songs dancing through the air-waves. It’s got the right mix of fun and drive to please a crowd with vocals that are, at times, reminiscent of Gord Downie’s characteristic wavering tone.

- Jeshaiah David