Seer/A.Y.E./Bloodshot Bill/King Of Foxes

Seer - Vol. 6

A guttural and earthy black metal album that chugs along in the depths of the deepest valley where tranquil musical passages carry the same bewitching power as the hair-raising call of the wild. 

A.Y.E. - “Don’t Blow My High”

Here is new a track that won’t blow your high, so add it to your chill mix to hold a place for the forthcoming full length. The laid back groove and cool vocal delivery will have you floating while the bobbing of your head takes over all motor functions. 

Bloodshot Bill - Come Get Your Love Right Now

Come Get Your Love Right Now is an invitation to come join in on the festivities and how could you ignore the call for a foot stomping good time. The whole album is a real hoot, dripping with the old school hillbilly spirit of the early days of the electric guitar. 

King Of Foxes - Salt & Honey

The latest release from Edmonton’s King of Foxes comes blowing in like a gentle sea breeze with uplifting, island vibes and a positive outlook. But it’s not all kicking your feet back either, the themes of overcoming hardship and a rock’n’roll backbone give the album some teeth. 

- Jeshaiah David