BA Johnston/At Mission Dolores/Nikki Fierce/Wild Kind

BA Johnston - The Skid Is Hot Tonight

If Stompin’ Tom was reincarnated as a punk that grew up in the eighties and nineties, this is the album he would have made. The Skid Is Hot Tonight represents a love for Canada that comes from years of touring, eating pizza, drinking beer and finding the humour in everything.

At Mission Dolores - Cool World

Cool World is the first of two for 2019 releases by Kamloops’ At Mission Dolores.  The album displays a mature perspective in the face of a planet that seems to be spiralling out of control and the psychedelic, melancholic sounds are the perfect numbing agent. 

Nikki Fierce - Mad Made Woman

Toronto-based, femme three-piece, Nikki Fierce sound like the conjuring of all things that are witchy and marvellously moody. Their EP, Man Made Woman, converges into a 5-track séance with heavy tempo, gripping vocal presence and engaging drum work. Dreamy, sullen, and atmospheric.

Wild/Kind - West Ends

West Ends is the first full length album from Vancouver’s Wild Kind. It is chock full of contagious vocal melodies that are constantly driven by the momentum of a peppy little indie-rock motor, pushing it to the limit.

- Jeshaiah David

(*Except Nikki Fierce which was by Nicola Gunter)