Rae Spoon/JayWood/TETRIX/JindaLee

Rae Spoon - Mental Health

The latest release from Calgary’s Rae Spoon is one that carries with it all the weight of every word. Mental Health pairs poppy songs with the heavy themes of mental illnesses that effect everyone in some way and highlights the need for change and healing. 

JayWood - Time

JayWood uses the long, cold winters of Winnipeg  to hide away and write groovy songs that will pull you out of a funk. The blending of genres from previous EP’s has been mastered for this first full length which is aptly titled Time.

TETRIX - Every House Has a Light On

Everything has already been done before, but in this case TETRIX have created something different. Their new album, Every House Has a Light On is a quirky mix of the accordion and electronic sounds that keep the listener on their toes.

JindaLee - Vela

Get lost in the ambient, electronic landscapes of JindaLee’s new solo album Vela. On this new release she leaves the band behind and creates a dreamy atmosphere for her folky style of story telling. 

- Jeshaiah David