Ultra Magnus/Purlicue/Sam Dowdell/Mob Bounce

Ultra Magnus - Muziki Mzuri 

Ultra Magnus touches on his roots, blasting into your eardrums with his third album titled Muziki Mzuri which means “good music” in Swahili. Good times flow from the beats and from the smooth, rhythmic delivery of his raps, while he pays tribute to those who have passed through his life.

Purlicue - Dip ’n Dot

These Calgarians play angular punk-rock that is full of abrasive tension. Dip ’n Dot showcases Purlicue’s quirky approach to loud music in an extraordinary fashion that one can’t help but put on repeat to listen to over and over again.

Sam Dowdell - Less Than Three

With very sparse instrumentation to back her up, Sam Dowdell’s voice is what stands out on her new EP, Less Than Three. Layered harmonies and backups provide a soft surface for Dowdell’s strong lead melodies to stand out.

Mob Bounce - Transformation

The new EP from British Columbia’s, Mob Bounce is deeply connected to the Earth and the movements currently affecting it. Transformation is composed of a mix of electronic dance music with hip-hop that furthers the impact of the engaging lyrics.

- Jeshaiah David