Loscil/Mother Sun/Little You, Little Me/Ethan Bokma

Loscil - Equivalents 

Loscil is the ambient/electronic project of Scott Morgan who has been very busy pumping out music in Vancouver since 2001.  His latest release, Equivalents is a beautiful and calming collection of songs that sound like Earths message to anyone that would listen. 

Mother Sun - Caramel Clouds

Hold on to the fading summer with Kamloops psych-poppers, Mother Sun. Caramel Clouds is the definition of escapism in music because this new album will transport you straight to the beach in the sixties. 

Little You, Little Me - Hard To Say, Not Knowing

Fall is coming and it is the perfect time to put on some layers. Join New Brunswick’s Little You, Little Me on their latest release, Hard To Say, Not Knowing for some catchy, layered up guitar riffage to keep you warm as the weather cools.

Ethan Bokma - Ray The Lucky Runt

Ray The Lucky Runt is the improvisational, free jazz and drone album with tranquility and tension working in tandem that was breathed in to existence by Edmonton’s Ethan Bokma. There is a warmth in the tones and a coziness in the craziness that just can’t be explained. 

- Jeshaiah David