Best Albums of 2017

2017 is officially over! We here at Cups N Cakes are proud to give you our top 25 albums of the past twelve months.

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An Up + Downtown 2017 Debriefing

Every Thanksgiving, various downtown venues play host to Edmontons Up Downtown Festival. This year marked the fifth anniversary of the event, an anniversary which brought new challenges. One might say that the theme of this year was perseverance. Poor weather, technical problems, late starts and bad behaviour could have ruined the weekend for the many concert goers that packed venues in Edmonton's central core. However, Edmontonians are gritty, and tough as nails, and did not allow for these factors to ruin the best annual music festival the city has to offer.

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Jeff MacCallum
Cups N Cakes creators reminisce on three musical years of intricate radness

Two friends’ tasty audio

Hanging out with your best friend is perhaps one of the oldest and most sacred reasons to drink—second only to heartbreak. That, and a mutual love of music are what have kept the Cups N Cakes podcast together. With three years of experience now under its belt, Cups N Cakes is gearing up for some big changes, and of course a party.   

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